About Me

I’m Catharine Cellier-Smart, a British-born professional French to English sworn translator who’s lived on Reunion Island, a French overseas department in the Indian Ocean, since late 1990*.

I’m a member of the Société Française des Traducteurs (the French national translators’ union), as well as UNETICA (the French national union of sworn translators and interpreters).

I’m on the list of French court-sworn translators, and I’ve also been certified by Proz. On social media you can find me at LinkedInFacebook, Viadeo and of course Twitter.

This blog contains some of my reflections on language and translation.

I also write another blog about Reunion Island, the south-west Indian Ocean, travel and life in Asia (*I lived in Seoul for three years 2008-2011), and diving (I’m a certified scuba diver). I’m the author of the ‘Reunion’ section of the 2016 and 2019 editions of the Insight Guide to Mauritius, Reunion & Seychelles.

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Since 2011 I’ve also made a professional presentation to BTS students at Lycée Amiral Bouvet high school, been interviewed by students from Lycée St Charles, given presentations at the Collège Hippolyte Foucque Career Morning four years running, participated in the Careers Fair of Lycée Leconte de Lisle, and gave presentations for two consecutive years at the Femmes Responsables event at College de Bras Panon, as well as running a stand presenting the translating and interpreting profession at Reunion’s Career Fair in 2015 and 2016.


Me, manning (or should that be ‘womanning’?) my stand at Reunion’s Career Fair in 2015.

Giving back:

As well as being a volunteer translator at Translators Without Borders, I’ve also been a volunteer interpreter for Med’Ocean, and I occasionally mentor new translators.

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