Around the web – September 2018

Our look at the most popular stories about language and translation for September starts with an article referencing the most important day of the month (year?) for language professionals: International Translation Day!

Why your Latin teacher was wrong

  • While we’re on the subject, did you know that the berry family is a linguistic invention particular to Germanic languages like English? (Other languages like Spanish and French don’t combine the berry family into one group, but have different words).

Why do we call them ‘berries’?

How green is your freelance business?

  • Did you know how different quotation marks can be from one European language to the next? And what are the official languages of European countries?
  • The fact that southern France’s Occitan language is so intertwined with the culture is perhaps why it has never completely faded away.

Occitan: the language the French forbade


On a personal note this month has seen the following two items published:

In the podcast I explain what Creole is, its origins, and share how Creole is used on Reunion Island today.


Further reading: