Around the web – April 2018

Here is your April round-up of popular stories about language and translation.

to boldy go split infinitive economist

The Economist: boldly going where grammarians have feared to tread

A user’s guide to the new lexicon of the young from the FT.

Is this game board for ludo, chinese checkers, parcheesi, or sorry?

  • Another month, another AI interpreting/translating failure story: this time at the Boao Forum for Asia in Hainan. Find out more at Language Log.
  • This Fijian Tourist Board translation – or rather proofreading – failure (a word that means ‘holy place’ was said to mean ‘toilet’) is, for once, being blamed on a graphic design error, and not the translator!

The offending Fijian ad that confused worship and WC

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