‘Reunion Multimedia’ Interview

Following on from a short article about my blogs in a previous issue (see here) , the local magazine Reunion Multimedia published a full page interview with me in its June-July 2013 issue. The theme was information and communications technology. You can click on the image below for a larger, more readable copy of the interview (in French).

RM 113 28

Thanks to writer and journalist Julie Marianna David for conducting this interview.

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5 responses

  1. I really enjoyed reading the interview, Catharine! I didn’t know about your other site, Smart Travel, I will definitely have a look, it sounds interesting. As for clients choosing non-natives who charge half-peanuts (not even whole peanuts), it’s a sad reality. I remember seeing a project being advertised that paid around $0.01 per word (English into Romanian) that was awarded to a guy who was far from being Romanian – I am sure he didn’t even speak it (let alone as a native). I’m off to read about your travels now.

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