Around the web – October 2021

October 10th saw me celebrate the milestone of ten years since I relaunched Smart Translate! In 1994 I created the company that would later become Smart Translate, before putting it on hold after a few years to pursue my career in business and then abroad. It was only in 2011 on my return to Reunion after three years in South Korea that I seized the opportunity to fulfil my long-held dream of becoming a full-time professional translator. Have you celebrated any milestones recently? Anyway, here are this October’s most popular news articles, blog posts, and stories about translation and language.

Squid Game smashes barriers and records, highlights importance of translation

Is accent in the mind of the listener?

Why you have an accent in a foreign language

  • 85% to 88% of the UK population (i.e. “native speakers of English”) speak non-standard forms of the language. This article debunks 5 major myths about standard English.

5 things people get wrong about standard English

A familect can strengthen bonds and develop language skills.

The sparkles emoji has been with us for over a decade, yet is now more popular than ever

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