Around the web – July & August 2022

Been away over the summer? Here’s your round-up of news, articles, and blog posts about language and translation for July and August.

What is “good” or “right” when it comes to language?

Mixing up the languages we speak can reveal surprising things about how our brains work.

Who made that word and why?
No matter how many words in a language, it seems that we always need just one more to explain ourselves.

Screenshot from ‘Horizon Worlds’, Meta’s new virtual reality game

  • Will naming heatwaves (i.e. the same system used for cyclones) change people’s perception and help save lives?
  • Here’s an interesting chat with the team responsible for the sensational, nearly no-holds-barred “Stranger Things 4” descriptive captions

Wet writhing and eldritch gurgling

  • On a fun final note, this “literature clock” instantly finds literary quotations based on the time of day (or night) you access the website

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