Around the web – October 2015

I was lucky enough to spend two weeks this past month in Oman, and I’ll soon be blogging about the diversity of languages that can be found in this peaceful Middle Eastern country. In the meantime here’s a round-up of language and translation-related articles that have appeared online in October.


In an age of marriage equality, the concept of ‘maiden name’ seems increasing outdated. (Photograph: Alamy)


An example of a food-related idiom in French

Finally, if you haven’t yet signed Red T‘s petition to Urge the UN to protect translators and interpreters worldwide please do so soon. They have 17,000 signatures, but still need at least 8,000 more.


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  1. Well selected forums and training courses do hone translators’ skills and enlarge their horizon. I had similar great experience last year participating in a conference organized by 3 translation agencies, Accurate Translations, Master TR Professional Translations and Lingo24. I would say my translation skills have developed by leaps and bounds. Look forward to new opportunities.

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