Most Popular Tweets of 2013

Blog readers who follow me on Twitter will know I’m a fairly prolific and experienced ‘twaducteur‘ (translator who tweets). Nevertheless I’m always amazed by which tweets are the most popular – it’s not always those that you would think. Anyway, here, in ascending order, are the 10 most popular* tweets I sent in 2013:

10. Translator vs. Translation Agency “It is a monumental misconception that bilingual speakers are also able to translate”.

9. How can you find out if your language is endangered? on the TermCoord blog.

8. Vivre avec un traducteur : ces phrases à ne pas prononcer… the only Tweet in French to make the Top 10.

7. A detailed account of of the IAPTI conference in London on October 5th by Charlie Bavington.

6. 10 handy French phrases to use in an argument ten handy phrases to have ready for the next time you unexpectedly end up in a slanging match.

5. English Has a New Preposition, Because Internet Linguists are recognizing the delightful evolution of the word “because.”

4. Why some people retain an accent in a second language – this was a retweet, originally shared by Erik Hansson and Gaëlle Gagné.

3. Jose Mourinho literally gives press conference interpreter the shirt off his back.

2. Top 12 French expressions they don’t teach you at school some of the best and most colourful French expressions that you wouldn’t  pick up in a classroom.

1. Why plural days and nights in Spanish greetings? Why ‘Buenos Dias’ in Spanish whereas in other languages the greeting is singular? This tweet in late April was the most clicked on link that I tweeted!


While we’re at it, here are the most-viewed posts here on my blog in 2013, again in ascending order:

10. The Icelandic Language

9. Getting Your Back Up

8. 10 questions for translators

7. International Translation Day 2013

6. Grâce au traducteur surviendra un miracle …

5. Malagasy – the language of Madagascar

4. Self-translation

3. A few facts about the Korean language

2. 7 facts about Reunion Creole

1. Too funny for public transport?

* ‘most popular’ = most clicked on

Do you have a favourite link you’d like to share? Don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments below.


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